What Our Clients are Saying About Us

Testimonials from Marketing Event

Nearly every year we produce a marketing event for our clients, prospective clients and our industry partners. Our most recent was on April 1 at The Bently Reserve. We thought we would turbo-charge our marketing agenda and hire a videographer to run around and interview some of our clients. None of us from Entire Productions were present during the interviews, and we were ecstatic and elated when we got the footage back! We were able to tuck our egos aside for a moment and condense about 20 minutes worth of amazing testimonials down to just under 2 minutes. The result has us swooning!

We're so thankful for the incredible people we get to work with every day. Our clients are really good, creative and amazing people. So are our artists and other partners. Counting our lucky stars...

See what all the hoopla is about!

AlliedPRA- Zorianna Horn "You know that when you hire somebody through Natasha it's always going to be magnificent, always going to be outside of the box, one step above. Performers that Natasha vets always have that extra edge and oomph to make them that much more spectacular."

Paula LeDuc Mollie Jones Hennes "The premiere entertainment booking agency in the Bay Area. Natasha searched the ends of the earth to find the exact entertainment options for me."

The Bently Reserve Jim Bruels "From top to bottom she's taken care of everything with such a professional attitude. It's been amazing. I don't think there's anything they can't do everything from full production, amazing entertainment... "

The Fairmont Hotel Emilie Lynch "I know that I can call her and give her a two sentence overview and she has recommendations really quickly that are always spot-on for the client. I'm most excited to see The 415s which is her new band. We can totally trust her with our clients, she does it all."

Blueprint Studios Kaia Jacobi "... watched her business grow from something small to something very extravagant and impressive."

Samantha Smith Productions Samantha Smith "They're a very top notch professional organization. We had clients who wanted something in Vegas and she got us exactly what they wanted."

Barbara Llewellyn Catering Barbara Llewellyn "Natasha Miller is actually the premiere person to speak to about talent in the bay area."

AEG Live/The Regency Ballroom Bailey Nakano "Entire Productions really is my go-to for my entertainment purposes for private event rentals, whether that be stilt-walkers, aerial artists, or a jazz band."

Taste Catering Christopher Lee "It puts you at ease because you know things are taken care of."

49 Square Catering Elaine Herman "I've been working with Entire Productions for five or six years now and they are amazing, they have never let me down."

Voila Events Linda Hylen "... never have to worry about the talent not arriving on time, not be totally prepared. It makes my job easy."