Virtual Event Planning & Production

Take your event online and attract even more attendees

from the comfort of their home or alternative location



The right virtual event entertainment, planning, and management company will make you look like a rockstar!

We take the burden of figuring out how to create an engaging virtual event and which platform to use- all of the technical and production aspects. We have a turnkey solution and can’t wait to make your life a lot easier!

We also program the best virtual entertainment and experiences for your target audience and can curate original experiences as well. One of our amazing virtual event planners can send you our deck with more detailed information.

Virtual Event Planning & Production

We’ve been producing virtual events with great success and can work with you at any level to produce your event.

We design, plan and produce virtual events such as summits, conferences, fundraisers, President’s club awards, summer picnics, and launch events.

Our virtual event management team works with our clients from ideation to technical production and can even supply our clients with professional microphones, webcams, design a virtual backdrop or even design a physical set to broadcast from.

Our team of videographers, editors, and switchers can create a broadcast TV quality experience for your town halls, launch and customer announcements. We can also create a more modest production with engaging messaging and a faster-paced presentation style.

Captivating Content

Celebrity Performance/Appearances, Magician/Mentalist, DJ Sets, DJ/Musician, Concerts, Digital Mosaic, Caricaturist, Fashion Sketch Artist, Live and Interactive Family Music Concerts, Fortune Teller Readings, Custom On-Demand Poems, Mini Astrology and Tarot Readings, Music Trivia


Plant Workshop, Fitness and Wellness Classes, Stretching Class, Dance Classes, Applied Improv Team building/Training Seminars, Guitar and other Instrument Lessons, Astrology, Virtual Game Show Extravaganza and Cyber Sleuth Team building Game, Broadway/improv/Acting/Game Show/Dance Classes and Workshops, Floral Design Classes, Paint and Sip, Natural Perfume workshop, Prosthetic Arm Philanthropy


Virtual Macaron Masterclass, Macaron Painting (with kit), Wine Tasting, Cheese Tasting, Mixology, Bread Baking, Cookie/Cake Decorating


Keynote Speakers + Workshops, Real Estate Investment, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness/Meditation, Leadership, Organization, Resume building, Entrepreneurship

PlayBill Virtual Event
Flowerpot Plant Workshop
Macaron Virtual Event Edition
Entire Variety Show Visual Event

EntireVariety Show


We curate and program a faster-paced, more engaging virtual meeting event with your message, education, and team building segments seasoned with a scintillating musical performance, master magician/mentalist, celebrity appearances, giveaways and more. Watch the video to see a version of the show. Now Let’s Get to Work on Your Show!

We’ve been producing our own version of the EntireVariety show since March 2020. You can see all episodes on our YouTube Channel.

What People are Saying about EntireVariety Show

"I loved it! I got so many new ideas!" -Kappi Bowen, (Senior Manager, Marketing Programs) Abbott Labs

"The Entire Productions team have created an excellent virtual showcase that highlights both their talent and their understanding of the increasing value of interactive elements in the virtual and digital space." Jenn Hagan, (Senior Director for Events) OZY Media

"The Entire Production team brings the fun home with their EntireVariety Show! It is so unique, interactive with amazing talents you have the chance to talk to. It is very inspiring, thank you!" Christophe Ley (Associate Director of Facility Rentals) California Academy of Sciences

“Seeing what Natasha and the Entire Productions team are doing with their virtual experiences not only made me change my mind about the concept of virtual events but had me craving for more of their fascinating experiences. Natasha and her team transform the virtual world into a world of “see it”, “hear it”, “feel it” and truly “be part of it”.

If there is an MVP “Most Valuable Pivot” prize this year, it should definitely go to Natasha and her team.” Charbel Atala (Partner | Hospitality Division ) Gecko Hospitality

Entire Productions EntireVariety show was just the entertainment I needed to end the week with live music and a little magic. The show was engaging and interactive, all while sitting on your couch with a martini. Can’t go wrong! Bailey Nakano (West Coast Dir. of Sales) AEG