Under the Sea at Pier 27 in San Francisco


SEA PIER in San Francisco

Some companies love to push the envelope. We adore this quality and find it to be terrific fun to assist in making their wildest dreams come true.A successful San Francisco-based gaming company took over the top level of the new cruise ship terminal at Pier 27 and rocked the "Under the Sea" theme like no other.

What is the first step in creating an incredible party? The food, THEN the Bay Area's best dance band- The 415s. Then sprinkle in a beautiful cartoon-like mermaid, a life-size mermaid tank, acrobatic sirens, "Pearl" the contortionist in a giant clamshell, a performer in a giant plastic bubble on a 6' stand,  and ballerina jellyfish. Of course you need someone to stand guard, and our Poseidon took this task very seriously.

We were so honored to be part of a great vendor team including Betty Zlatchin Catering, Blueprint Design, and Impact Lighting.