Team building at the Montalvo Art Center

Painting Artists Jon Sutton

Montalvo Art Center

The Montalvo Art Center continues to enchant us every visit.

This past week the Center's grounds were teaming with young techies bouncing between various team building activities.

Entire Productions provided a variety of fun activities throughout the day.

At the foot of the Belvedere participants mixed colors into beautiful masterpieces under the guidance of our talented Jeremy Sutton.

Painting Artists Jon Sutton - Entire Productions

Despite the heat, the Bhangra Dance Class was not only packed but drew quite a few onlookers.

Bhangra Dance Class at MONTALVO ART CENTER

Others chose to take a more relaxing approach with mini golf and Yoga.
Yoga and Golf - Team Building Montalvo Center

Our Naturalist took full advantage of the beautiful hiking trails surrounding the Villa.

She educated groups of hikers on the local flora & fauna and entertained with interesting historical facts.

Entire Talent Naturalist - Julie Kahrnoff

Our beloved Americano Social Club musically filled breaks with eclectic covers of classics such as Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

Americano Social Club Event Musical Troops

Many thanks to Billy and Andrea from Taste Catering for letting us participate in this fun event!

Carina with Fun Party Taste Team

Montalvo Arts Center by Entire Productions