Summertime Fine – Entertainment for Your Outdoor Soiree


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Summertime isn’t over yet and we all know what that means: there's still time to party!

Over the years, we’ve seen and done it all. Elegant evening weddings set in wine country, extravagant corporate beach mixers, breathtaking under-the-sea children’s birthday parties, and ladies’ luncheons with string quartets. Our focus has always been on curating entertainment that complements the season and environment, all the while impressing your attendees.

Live Performances

Guests want to be surprised and dazzled at any event- it’s now expected. Long gone are the days of a simple showing of streamers and balloons, with the hosted bar. No one will write home, or shall we say, post on social media about that.

Better ways to enchant guests are with costuming, activities and with a take-home soundtrack of the event. Say you're hosting a pool party- along with making sure there are plenty of rafts, tubes, and toys (oversized swans and flamingos are quite the sights), also delight guests with surprise live performances.

Perhaps a synchronized swim routine on land and in water.

Girls Party Entertainers - Entire Productions

Mermaids in Blue Water - Special Event

Or even our mermaids emerging out of the blue (water, that is).

Mermaid Orange And Yellow Tail - Special Event

Curious on how to take it a step further and make it even more interactive? Consider bringing in a poet, whose specialty includes creating haikus on the spot. Sitting down with our artists, your attendees share a topic of their choice and in a matter of minutes, they receive a typewritten personalized work from the heart.  Our poets have been complimented by their sitters, saying "(it's) therapy with a gift at the end."

Outdoor Guests in Special Events


The festivities are not complete until you've got people dancing underneath the stars and what better way to make that happen than to bring in a live band? From bluegrass banjos to steel pan drums, music will set the tone throughout your party, offering guests that extra magic. Even if a stage isn't available, you'll want to situate the band so that they weave into the environment, making them photo and social media-ready!

The suggestions we've mentioned are merely a taste of the different acts you can have at your end-of-the-summer hootenanny. Make sure to reach out to your favorite Team Entire member to curate entertainment for your next event.