Suddenly Spring Event at the Bently Reserve- Amazing!

Sphere Dancer Girl Event Designer

Bently Reserve in San Francisco

Entire productions light display

For the third year in a row, we held our annual marketing event at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco. It's difficult to put into words just how wonderful it was. It was a dream come true, and we are so glad so many of our industry friends were there!

You must see the photos from the event!(Check on official Facebook page to view the gallery)

We brought in an army of talent featuring the following fun entertainers:

  • Ballerina in a Bubble
  • DJ Jazzy Fox
  • The Jitterbugs Dancers
  • Flapper Feather Girls
  • The Man Servants
  • Painted Model (at the Photo booth)
  • Pole Dance Artists
  • Confetti and Streamer Canons
  • THE PARTY CRASHERS(The 415's Sister Band)

Check out the pix from Giggle & Riot Photobooth (with mostly nude painted model) here. Download them from here.

And drumroll please... the slo-mo photo booth photos are here.Compliments of Snap Fiesta.
Spring Event Dancers at Bently Reserve

Sphere Dancer Girl Event Designer

Girl Body Painting in Spring Event Party

Natasha Miller Celebrate Flower Shower

Bouldering Performs in Entire Productions Events


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