Signature Artist Reviews of Entire Productions

I have been working with Entire Productions for 3 years and have done about 15 events with them. My favorite event BY FAR was the “Living Museum” production! It was so ambitious and such a challenge to build, and even with all its many many moving parts, everything came together like clockwork and was EPIC.

I love that Entire's clients are so creative themselves, and have some wild visions that are a fun challenge to figure out how to bring to life.

I've always felt so valued and appreciated as an artist and an individual. And the team takes care of MY team (models, assistants, etc) vastly better than any production company I've worked for. I tell everyone about their sweet streamlined booking system- it runs like a dream, and takes so much of the back and forth "busywork" nonsense out of the process. I feel like Entire sees it's artists as valuable members of the team. Too often artists are left feeling like a commodity to be bought in bulk, or like "The Hired Help". It's lively to know someone appreciates the years of dedication and passion that go into becoming top of one's craft.

Rae Dancers

We have worked with Entire Productions for 4 Years since the Super Bowl was in San Francisco. We do around 40-50 events per year. The team is absolutely amazing, we love how involved each event organizer is with the client and us as the artists. This makes our job clear and exciting leading up to each special event. Entire Productions’ system is easy to respond to what we are available for with both services and rates.

It’s always a pleasure working with high-end clients. We are happy with all the opportunities Entire Productions provides.

Any of the events featuring 20+ dancers are our favorite. Salesforce and Warriors would be our most favorite jobs so far, primarily because we get to see most of our dance division in one united dance set. The details in our Run of Show are amazing and there is consistent communication leading up to each job. Other companies leave out important details where Entire Productions provides clear, direct insights on each job.

We’ve been working with Entire Productions since 2009. Their team is great! Always friendly, professional and detail oriented. We appreciate the automated inquiry system and the final advancing information.

We’ve done about 20 events with Entire Productions so far. Our favorite event was the opportunity to perform on the PCMA’s Eduaction Conference at the NOVO in Los Angeles giving us the opportunity to showcase for potential entertainment buyers and event producers. We appreciate the opportunity to perform for any of their great clients events!

Entire Productions are hight level event producers. One of the BEST!

I have been on the Entire Productions roster of talent since 2012 and have done over 60 gigs with them. The team at Entire is really a joy to work with. They are friendly, well-organized and pay attention to essential details that help to make my job easier and client's stay better organized and assured that their events are going to be TOP NOTCH.

The booking system with Entire is VERY EFFICIENT and THOROUGH. The information on the contracts and the advancing,/week of event forms truly helps me stay organized and on the ball so I can understand my role completely and do my job better. I can also follow up with them and give an overview after the event.

I have been lucky to help to represent the truly epic and highly cutting-edge DJ, music technology and nightlife culture in California through my work with Entire Production’s clients. A great DJ always goes above and beyond to work with their team to help to create the vibe and intention to make events stand out and focused in the right way.

A few events I’ve done with them come to mind as my favorite- one of which was a Google company Star Wars Theme event for, "May The 4th Be With You". I curated and DJ'd Star Wars remixed music, hosted related movie trivia and came dressed as "DJ Red 5". A few other favorites is the annual "Wine Cave Rave" at Miner Winery at Napa and DJing multiple times at The Academy of Sciences, my favorite venue in San Francisco.

Entire Productions represents the best talent in the bay area, but this is really just the tip of the iceberg. They treat their employees with respect, courtesy, allows us a wide range of creative expression, and best of all from our perspective, let's us set our own rates, which in today's dog eat dog world, is an outstanding contribution to making pay structure fair and balanced! I can't even stress this enough, when you work with Entire Productions you are actually helping to contribute to a vibrant, healthy artistic AND economically balanced ecosystem in the Bay Area.

We've been working with Entire productions since 2015 (time flies!) The team is awesome - they manage complicated event logistic puzzles with grace and humor. Your systems are pretty good! For the volume of work you manage, I don't see how you could do without CRM! Your clients are also awesome - never a dull moment, and always a good time. We've had 10 events this year, 3 last year, 14 in 2016.

The birthday party we recently played for your friend's 60th was a favorite- they were so fun, ready to have a great time, and kicked back. It was awesome, and says a lot about you that you have such fun-loving, kind people for friends .

What I appreciate about Entire Productions relative to other agencies is the balance you strike between personal attention and automation. I know your process, what to expect, and how to find what I need. At the same time I can pick up the phone and call (or text) the Entire Productions staff, have a great conversation, and get the answers to any questions I may have.