Relentless Book Launch

Unchain my heart

Baby, let, let me be

'Cause you don't care

Well, please

Set me free

It’s the bottom of the second act of Natasha Miller’s comeback performance to celebrate the launch and best-selling status of her memoir, Relentless. The music swells as the stage lights shift to a moody orange glow to accompany the sultry rendition of “Unchain My Heart”, the song written by Natasha’s friend and mentor, Bobby Sharp.

Natasha Miller performs on stage Unchain My Heart for the Relentless book launch red carpet gala at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

It’s a full-circle moment as Natasha looks out at the crowd; daughter Bennett preparing for her duet, friends, employees, clients, and peers; all of them watching as the story and soundtrack of her life are unfolded on stage. The book and performance are a culmination of 51 years in the making and 4 years of writing. She has expertly aligned the key inflection points of her life’s story with the music she wrote and produced during those times to help process it all. Pausing to address the crowd with her Midwestern charm and at one point brought up the house lights to take a photo of everyone’s smiling faces on her phone.

Natasha Miller performs with her daughter for the Relentless book launch red carpet gala at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

In case you missed it, Mar 22, 2022, marked the official release of Entire Productions CEO, Natasha Miller’s memoir, Relentless: Homeless Teen to Achieving The Entrepreneur Dream. Within days of its release, Relentless hit #1 on Barnes & Noble online, USA Today’s best-seller list, and #1 in multiple categories on Amazon


To help celebrate the launch, Entire Productions produced two groundbreaking book launch events. Because we live outside the box and are constantly looking to innovate and break the mold, we knew we had to create the future of book launch events. Nothing stuffy or boring, and certainly no one talking to a screen for 45 minutes. Instead, we programmed an hour of fast-paced and inspiring talks from entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and athletes, including engaging entertainment such as fashion sketch artists, astrology, magic, and on-demand poetry. The best part was that it all took place in AllSeated’s metaverse platform, ExVo. Attendees from all over the world were invited to attend, participate, and even win prizes.

On March 26, friends, family, and members of the press and event industry gathered in person at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for a red carpet gala and a special live performance by Natasha herself. Guests arrived on Minna street for a red carpet walk and step and repeat photo op. Attendees mingled in cocktail attire while places were set on stage for the performance and in the atrium for the reception. After being ushered into the state-of-the-art Phyllis Wattis Theater, guests were treated to a dynamic musical rendition of Relentless with a special message from none other than Joel Selvin, San Francisco-based music critic and author known for his weekly column in the San Francisco Chronicle, which ran from 1972 to 2009.

Entire Productions Team
Joel Selvin giving a few words on stage before Natasha Miller's musical performance of her new best-selling book, Relentless.

After the performance, party-goers entered the museum’s atrium where they were greeted with champagne, delicious catering, and fresh florals by Jane Hammond, sleek rentals by Abbey Rentals and Fulcrum Group, and music from Americano Social Club.

JL Imagination set the atmosphere with expertly laid lighting that matched the book’s colors and complemented the wide-open space and rainbow bridge suspended above. Under the rainbow bridge, Nina and Christine of The Dahlias intertwined on a lollipop Lyra, entertaining and entrancing guests.

Lighting design by JL Imagination
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - March 26 - Performance attends Relentless Book Launch Gala on March 26th 2022 at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, CA (Photo - Devlin Shand for Drew Altizer Photography)

During the reception, a body-painted model, created by Alison Kenyon, donning the book cover art, San Francisco skyline, piano mini skirt, headdress, and “bookini” top perused the crowd stopping for photo ops. 

The event was also sponsored by our media partners, San Francisco Magazine, who kindly wrote a whole page about Natasha and the book in the March issue’s publisher’s note.

In honor of Natasha’s experience at a youth emergency shelter at 16, select proceeds of book and speaking engagement sales are donated to Covenant House


It truly felt like we were “back to normal” although with the addition of #BeRelentless face masks! We hope that this is the start of the return of in-person special events and would be happy to work with you on producing your own now! 


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Where is Natasha performing next?

Relentless by Natasha Miller influencer box
Natasha Miller with her daughter and Joel Selvin
Christine Lee performing
Natasha Miller signing books
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - March 26 - Natasha Miller attends Relentless Book Launch Gala on March 26th 2022 at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, CA (Photo - Devlin Shand for Drew Altizer Photography)
Natasha Miller laughing with guests. Fun party scene.