Perfect World was the PERFECT Client!

crystal chandelier

“Absolutely loved working with Entire Productions. Best experience, value and high marks all around. Cannot ask for more. This is a one-stop shop for event production.”

– Jack Lau, Perfect World

A Perfect Holiday Party For Perfect World

We were ecstatic when one of our most amazing clients, Jack, reached out to us from Perfect World.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Jack was the perfect client! He came to us with a clear vision of what he wanted and made quick decisions on every component. This decisiveness resulted in a planning process that ran AHEAD OF SCHEDULE and to a tee! This makes us swoon as we are proud to be one of the best corporate event production companies in the world (according to The Special Event).

Theme, you ask? "Diamond in the Sky"

Imagine a high-stakes theft of one of the largest and most brilliant diamonds in the world!

Catering to the fact that this was a holiday party for a gaming company, we worked with our client to create an incredible game-like experience where all of the attendees were tasked with solving a mystery.

We cast and costumed 5 actors who were interspersed with the guests, each playing a role: The Professor, The Villain, and 3 Glamorous, Suspicious Characters!

performance actors

Guests asked questions of the actors to solve the mystery and discover who stole the famous (prop) Sky Diamond. Our registration table turned into the investigative headquarters mid-way through the event and once guests determined who they thought the thief was, they turned their answers in and received a special pin.

In addition to the game, several components made for an immersive experience, bringing guests into the high-stakes world: glitz and glam in the decor and lighting, casino games, our rocking band The Party Starters, and the newest Aston Martin that was available for photo ops!

A Festive Challenge

Floorplans for all of the event spaces we were utilizing were completed a month before the event but two weeks before we had our final walkthrough on-site. We were greeted with a festive surprise: a beautiful, gigantic Christmas tree that the venue decided to place in their courtyard without notifying us.

We were thrilled to have this (complimentary!) gorgeous decor addition, but it was placed right in the pathway to our step and repeat which we had ordered custom-cut red carpet for. We scrambled to take new measurements and to find ways to re-cut the carpet to line our new pathways. Working with our fantastic vendor we were able to make revisions to the carpet on-site and redesign the entrance.

And don’t forget the team behind the dream!

Karen Waldmann, our fabulous Production Services Manager, pulled everything together flawlessly with help from the amazing Ashe Cleveland and Jillian Ericson! Karen’s love of details and behind-the-scenes work made sure this event was executed PERFECTLY. We love what we do- corporate event planning. Especially for clients like this!

Jillian, Ashe, and Karen

All photos ©Tyler & Christina Mussetter from M Portraits