Magic Mike…who?

Three Chippendales Revue Dancers

Customer service is all about giving the people what they want, right? Well on July 15th the customer wanted three sexy "Chippendales" revue dancers! We met the request head on, suppressing our giggles. It was an interesting challenge du jour, being as we had never before sent out exotic dancers.

So who was this daring, saucy client? She was an 80-year-old woman with a high-end event planner. And the event was to be held at one of the most-known upscale hotels in San Francisco. It quickly became my PG-13 pet project. I couldn't help but love it. A bunch of elegant older ladies at a swanky hotel waving dollar bills around? Yes. Yes. Yes.  If you've lived to see 80, you're pretty much entitled to start doing whatever the heck you want. And this particular elegant older lady wanted to see three hot men strip to the Hava Nagila, and lift her up in her chair, whilst wearing oversized Star of David necklaces.  Yes. Yes. Yes. Give the people what they want.

Just to make sure you absorbed all of the awesomeness in the above paragraph here are the CliffsNotes: 

Our client, a woman well into her golden years, wanted three dancers to strip down to their skivvies and Jewish Star necklaces with the Hava Nagila blaring in the background. At the most famous hotel in SF. that you've had a moment to process that, I'll continue.

Not fully trusting career strippers to adhere to our no-touching policy (and to not think I was totally demented when I requested they strip to a Hebrew folk song), I sought out three incredibly talented and hunky professional dancers/circus performers that we've worked with in the past. I knew they had the performance-chops, they knew that sometimes jobs are weird. Plus they're easy on the eyes.

Luckily San Francisco seems to LOVE weird and they agreed to do it. The ladies were delighted (one of our dancers backflipped out of his pants) and the dancers had a great time. 

Now I suppose we can say we really can provide it all in terms of entertainment, but this one most certainly requires a backstory. My only regret was being out of town the day of the event--it's a memory I would have treasured forever!


Natasha's view: When I overheard Elise talking on the phone with this planner about hiring male strippers, I was thinking, 

       "No! We don't do strippers, we have to draw the line somewhere!" 

But how could we turn down this wonderful planner and her octogenarian client? 

I made peace with the fact that we are officially sending out dancers that will remove their clothes to their G-string (but with dancers we know and trust), but then I heard, 

      "You want use to source a blinking large Star of David necklace for the dancers?" Again, I said, 

      "No! We couldn't possibly have them wearing that!" 

Then I saw the music request for the performance which was the techno dance version of Hava Nagila. I giggled aloud and just couldn't believe this was my life and my incredible business! 

I love what I do- and so does everyone who works with me. This is one reason why. And it pushes my boundaries sometimes, but we're always growing and learning, right? 'Can't take the Iowa out of the girl, I guess. But after 18 years of San Francisco life, I think I'm becoming a native!

(We cannot show photos because of their sensitive nature, and to protect our client's identity- but I assure you, it was awesome!)