How We Turned Our Annual Marketing Event Into a Monthly IMMERSIVE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE

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Virtual Event Management

In the years B.C. (Before Coronavirus) these special events would be flush with intricate floral arrangements, inspired bites, curated furnishings, world-class talent, thoughtful giveaways, innovative technology, and the best of the SF Bay Area events industry. Truly an experience like no other that only Entire Productions could provide.

Due to obvious circumstances, our BIG 2020 event that over 800 people RSVP’d for, Into The Wild, was postponed. Indefinitely.

But, if you know Entire Productions, you know our relentless will to make the show go on! Innovation took hold of us immediately and before we knew it, we had expertly created a monthly variety show event, and it was taking off!

Swing Into Spring – Air hosts dancers
Event Entertainer in Virtual Events
Live band
Bently Reserve Artists Face Painting

Our number one priority is to provide our clients with memorable experiences and our artists and vendors with meaningful work. Faced with the challenge of having to do that virtually, we came up with the idea of Entire Variety, a once-monthly entertainment segment show, free of charge, and buckets of fun!

Just like a good cocktail, the simpler the recipe, the better. We divided entertainment into three bite-sized, easily digestible segments; with the option to weave in your own company messaging.

Entire Variety Show – Event Planer

Just like our growing corporate event entertainment business, the show began to evolve as we incorporated giveaways, messages from sponsors, and new technology. Huge New Orleans parades became virtual bluegrass performances and interviews with BIPOC entrepreneurs. Grabbing a craft cocktail off an ice bar became following along to your favorite mixologist from the comfort of your own home. Huge bags of useless swag items became gifts you actually want like blue light glasses, sneakers, and studio time!


We’ll be the first to admit virtual events may never be the same as live, but there’s a lot that has not lost its luster. Lollipop lyras, caricatures, and even up close magic-all of these have translated beautifully over virtual for us. As we come to terms with the fact that hybrid and virtual events will likely be our reality for the foreseeable future, we are committed to becoming leaders in this new virtual events industry landscape. Which is why we are offering this virtual event style as a white-glove service. We can bring virtual entertainment across all genres, state-of-the-art audiovisual and streaming services, and premium branded promotional items to make your virtual events completely memorable. Essentially, we create completely unique experiences that make memorable virtual events and team appreciation simple.

Virtual Entertainment Guitarist – Entire Talents
Event Entertainer in Video Chat – Entire Productions
Virtual Entertainer in Entire Productions Events
Magical Shows on Virtual Entertainment

Gone are the days of your team spending countless hours trying to search through pages of virtual entertainment, promotional items, and audiovisual companies just for it to not work out for a plethora of reasons. We take all the stress out of your virtual event planning and guarantee a relaxed process and surprising and delightful results. After all, don’t you and your team deserve it?

Virtual Event Entertainment Entire Planning Process

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