How To Plan A Virtual Networking Event

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Virtual Networking Event

In this blog, we share our experience creating a virtual networking event in AllSeated’s new platform, Exvo.

On January 27th, 2020, Entire Productions had the absolute pleasure of hosting “The House of Entire Productions”, a built-to-scale digital rendering of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, covered head-to-toe in our branding.

Virtual 3D Rendering of The Beverly Wilshire Hotel with Entire Productions Branding

At the event, you could ‘teleport’ from city to city while interacting with thousands of your fellow events and meeting colleagues. Attendees visited the “House of Cerbelli Creative” and the “House of Entire Productions,” where videos and interactive entertainment would autostart as they approached the screen.

Out of all the virtual networking events since quarantine, many agreed this felt the most authentic. Virtual guests experienced keynote speakers and a panelist discussion on the industry moving forward and touched base with prominent event industry associations and major event industry publications.

After the main event was the rooftop party virtually in Mexico for The SEARCH Foundation. Forward Together raised $7k for The SEARCH Foundation, which provides financial help for events, meetings, and catering professionals in crisis.

The virtual event was a huge success, and that has a lot to do with the amazing and talented individuals that worked tirelessly to create this virtual magic. There are a few key elements that ensure guest satisfaction for virtual networking events such as this.


For all those competitive folks out there who might need a little extra incentive to participate, there are many options available for gamification. For this event, Entire Productions chose to do a virtual scavenger hunt. We encouraged guests to wander the space and approach each booth to talk to one of our team members. If they downloaded each booth’s PDF, they were automatically entered into the giveaway, and they could gain extra points by posting about the event on social media and tagging us.

We chose three winners, and they received either Apple air pods, a pair of Snibbs shoes, or an invite to the coveted ClubHouse app.

CEO, Natasha Miller, Virtually Networking with Guests

World-Class Entertainment

The bread and butter of Entire Productions is our diverse roster of entertainment across all genres and disciplines. With ExVo, it’s easy to incorporate interactive virtual entertainment throughout the venue. We used the main stage to highlight clips of our in-studio virtual events and the surrounding booths to showcase our many offerings, including full-event production, entertainment programming, virtual events, and our premium gifting arm.

At the virtual entertainment booth, we had our good friend and magician extraordinaire, Robert Strong, surprise attendees with a virtual magic show. Everyone could see each other's videos, and reactions and Robert had control over attendees' mics and videos and would select viewers to participate in the show.

Magician, Robert Strong, Provides Engaging Virtual Entertainment

Networking Opportunities

This tip might seem a little redundant for a virtual networking event, but you’d be surprised how inauthentic networking opportunities can be at virtual events. The way ExVo works is very similar to in-person events. You wander around, see someone you want to connect with, and simply “tap them on the shoulder.” You’re able to “call” the person, and they can either accept or decline; if they accept, you are entered into a video and audio call. Other attendees can also approach the conversation and be included in the call. It can be nerve-wracking at first, but the genuine and authentic connection you get from these interactions take the virtual event to a whole new level.

Virtual Networking Event Conference Floor


Without enthusiastic attendees, the virtual event would just be a bunch of robots floating around mindlessly. Be enthusiastic about your event with your marketing, and as a guest, show up with some enthusiasm! You will not have a successful networking virtual event if you have no desire to actually connect with anyone. If you still need to beef up your post-COVID networking skills, just be excited to know you are a part of history.

Entire Productions is thrilled to be premiere partners with AllSeated’s new virtual event platform, ExVo. The design and entertainment options are truly limitless with this partnership. Call or email us to get a walkthrough if you are interested in planning virtual events such as summits, conferences, fundraisers, President’s Club awards, summer picnics, and launch events.
Check out the whole walkthrough video here.

Call us at (415) 291-9191 x701 or email at to plan your virtual event inside ExVo