How to Leverage Humor for More Engaging Corporate Events

Robert Strong Corporate Magician

What do you picture when you hear the word “corporate”? We’re willing to wager that it’s not the most exciting image. You’re probably thinking about meetings, business attire, and long Zoom calls. 

You want your corporate event to be anything but these things. What can you do to shake things up? Try adding something a bit different to the night’s agenda: humor

The connection between comedy and corporate events might not seem clear at first. But comedy is an effective way to engage your guests, create connections, and make your event more memorable. 

It’s hard to define what humor is exactly. It’s something that makes us laugh. It helps us make light of challenging situations. It’s a way to connect with other people. And it’s a valuable tool in business. 

In this article, we’re going to unpack how humor can make your next event a smash hit:

It’s Great for Team Building

Your employees spend dozens of hours each week together, working alongside one another in the workplace. But socializing at an event is entirely different. It might feel a bit awkward at first. You’ll need something to break the ice. 

Sharing laughs with coworkers will help your employees connect with each other. Brent and Sarah, Toronto Magicians, have performed at dozens of corporate events. They write, “We’ve seen the difference that laughter can make in a business setting. It helps employees let go of the stressors in their working life. Instead of thinking about their jobs, they can let loose and enjoy their evening.”

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Your employees are the foundation of your business. Without them, your company couldn’t run smoothly or find success. How do you retain the top talents at your company?

You can show employees your appreciation in a few ways. End-of-year bonuses, gifts, and raises are just a few examples. Another way to help them feel more connected to your company is with corporate events. 

Don’t underestimate the power of humor; it’s a surprisingly effective way to boost employee satisfaction and engagement. Cultivate a fun company culture by incorporating comedy at your next event.

Deliver Your Message Effectively

Think about the last presentation you attended. What do you remember most about it? Was it the dry, drawn-out explanation? Probably not. Most likely, you remember what made you smile or laugh. 

Things that are clever, surprising, and humorous tend to stick around in our minds. When you use humor during a speech or presentation, you make your message more memorable. 

Your employees have spent countless hours listening to keynote speakers and watching PowerPoint presentations. After so much time, these methods lose their effectiveness. If you want people to pay attention during your event, you need something new. Something different. Something unexpected.

Comedy keeps your audience engaged and encourages active listening. It can take a familiar message and make it feel new. When your employees feel like they’re watching a stand-up comedy show, they’ll find it much easier to pay attention. Use humor to deliver messages that might otherwise bore your audience.

Clean Comedy

There’s a reason why some professionals have hang-ups about humor in the workplace. They fear it might harm the credibility of their message, or offend some of their guests. 

Just like any tool, humor can be misused. You want your event to feel like a welcoming space for all your team members—not one that makes people feel uncomfortable. Humor does not need to cross boundaries to be effective. 

Humor doesn’t have to be synonymous with unprofessional. Comedy doesn’t have to shock your audience to be effective. You can use clean, business-appropriate humor to liven up your next event without making jokes at someone’s expense

How to Use Humor

Your employees spend dozens of hours each week coordinating projects, asking each other questions, and communicating feedback. But you want them to experience something out of the ordinary—something more memorable.

You’re convinced that humor needs to be part of your next corporate event. But your next question is: how do you use it?

One way is to hire a comedic entertainment act. That can be anything from a magician to a traditional stand-up comedian. To help your event connect with your team, you can ask the entertainer to incorporate a specific theme or topic into their performance. 

Or, you can plan fun activities that allow humor to happen naturally. Things like a karaoke machine, trivia games, and/or a dance floor can help your employees feel comfortable and relaxed in a corporate setting.