Fire & Icing = AMAZINGLY beautiful and DECADENTLY delicious CAKE!

Citrus Nut Wedding Cake


I'm not joking. I was salivating upon seeing this beautiful cake arrive at an event-planning networking event at the Hotel Monaco's Grand cafe. I thought, "Certainly we wouldn't be able to taste it." But I asked, and I received! Of course, the chef that created it wanted all to know... it's the BEST TASTING WEDDING CAKE ever. Period. (as far as my experience goes).

From Pastry Chef Dante/Creator:

Citrus Nut Wedding Cake
Citrus Nut Wedding Cake (detail)

"It is a Citrus Nut Cake, made with almond and hazelnut flour (the flour consists of well-grounded hazelnuts and almonds that have first been roasted, then ground to a fine meal). It is a 5-part cake, meaning it is made up of adding 5 different parts in 5 different stages: meringue, an egg yolk mixture, the flour mixture, frangipane, and heavy cream. The cake contains finely grated zest from the best oranges available and a hint of rose water. The result is a cake that is dense, but incredibly rich and moist because of the oil in the nuts. Very similar to morning bread. It has a strong taste of nuts and citrus, which are a wonderful combination. The sugar chalice cake topper was hand-molded out of pastillage and decorated with royal icing, then hand-painted in edible gold and luster dust colors."

I thought the icing might taste chewy/chalky... but it was AMAZING!!! Smooth, sweet, and I want more! Run — do not walk — to order your next cake from him! I'm getting one for my daughter's birthday in July! Harry Potter cake anyone? Contact Dante Nuno at (