Fantastic New Friends of Entire Productions!

Party Entertainer in Entire Productions

We have had an incredible couple of weeks, thanks to my new director of sales & marketing Jacqueline Stolte! This woman is a mover AND a shaker!

We have met with so many wonderfully talented and kind people. Anna Williams of McCall's is delightful and welcomed us to their offices in Potrero hill. Later that day we sat down for a lovely lunch at Kuletto's with Cody Hoyer of Larkspur Hotels, and Rafael Galliano of At Home in SF. You should see Rafael's totally hip shades... we all took turns wearing them!

Cody, Rafael, Jacqueline (w/Rafael's bug glasses) On Friday we stopped by the swanky new offices of PRA and chatted with Heather, Lindsay, and Stephanie. These girls have it goin' on!

Then, Laura Fraenza came by our office on California St. to tell us all about her new business. She has the sleek, modern Bose tower PA systems that will class up any event. No more bulky speakers on tripod stands!

Jacqueline met with Nadia Chan of the SF Chamber of Commerce of which we're proud members. We hope to be working with them on music for their upcoming events!

Jacqueline made the trek to Walnut Creek to visit with Bob Gonas and staff of Image Three Events. These guys have an incredible history in the event production world. Intriguing!

Tyler attended the MPI conference and made a lot of new friends and invaluable contacts. That was THE place to be... and I missed it!

Jacqueline and I braved the downpour of rain to meet with the INCREDIBLY creative and energetic producers from InVision in Walnut Creek. We received a "sitting" ovation with thundering applause. My friend Amy Tolbert made us feel very welcome, and Rod Mickels (partner) gave us the grand tour. Check out their new website!

We had a nice chat with Carla of Wolfgang Puck Catering and ISES fame. We look forward to seeing her at future ISES events.

THEN... we headed over to check out the Roe Restaurant which has 3 floors of hip/modern/edgy event space. Danny Phelen welcomed us, and I taught him how to tie the "never will come untied double knot" on his kicks.

Later that evening I was a guest at a Barbara Llewellyn tasting at her catering kitchen in Oakland. It was wonderful, of course. I had the honor of meeting some really great people, and learning about the new event space in Richmond called the CranewayPavilion. I can't wait to get some music going in there! It's a beautiful spot!

On Monday, Jacqueline took me to see her old college roommate who just happens to run Trademark Events (think Lucas Film, Google, ILM). Elle is a pistol and a creative visionary!

Later that afternoon we cozied up in the Hotel Vitale lobby with event planner extraordinaire Duncan Reyes. Now, that was fun! He is so funny, and a great person to spend time with. Never a dull moment or lack of conversation with this guy! He has proclaimed us a "preferred vendor" which we humbly/gleefully accepted.

The next day I drove over the Park Street bridge from Alameda to Jingletown where I was taken on a tour of Event Magic's HUGE warehouse of props, linens (they make them on-site), and sound/lighting studio. They have everything you can think of... old video games, the Eiffel Tower, custom painted backdrops...

Later that day Amy from WJAgency paid us a visit. This full-service PR/Marketing/Events company is based in LA and Las Vegas but has a satellite office here in San Francisco. It was Amy's birthday (we didn't ask how old she was) and she was off to celebrate by continuing a 30 day Yoga commitment. Go, Amy go!

We attended a new networking group at the City Club on Wed morning. I'm thinking about becoming a member of this historic social club. It's quite lovely, and just 2 blocks from our office.

And finally, we ended up at the Hotel Rex to kick it for a while with Greek Event Goddess Constance of Organized Chaos. She was fantastic, so much fun, and WAY more energy than I could ever conjure up. She's been in the business for, well... many years. And knows everything and everyone! It was so much fun, and I can't wait to see her again. Thankfully, her car wasn't towed from the loading zone:)

That just about covers the last couple of weeks. Needless to say, I'm invigorated and exhausted by all of the energetic and creative people we've met. I need a solid 8 hours of sleep just to keep up!

One last and VERY exciting thing... I'm sponsoring [with music, of course] a beautiful event produced by Crystal LeQuang of Amazae Special Events and Nicole Ha Designs. It's called Una Bella Sera, and will take place on April 5th at the Julia Morgan Ballroom. If you'd like to attend, please register here as space is limited.