Corporate Event Production


Entire Production's Google Out of this World Party


Design, plan and produce a creative, fun and engaging holiday party with a space theme for the employees of a large department of Google.


We worked closely with our client team which was comprised of three administrative assistants in a collaborative manner. We proposed design elements for each of the 14 rooms and additional open spaces at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose including an infinity mirror room, arcade experience room, bubble tea room, white/elegant room with a dance band, and a black-light planet room. This was a very hands-on production with over 5,000 guests in attendance and over 40 vendors. We had all hands on deck for a one day load in and day of event.


We created an environment of “wow and wonder” that the guests were surprised and delighted by. A group that is notorious for not dancing crowded the dance floors of both the live 10-pc band as well as the more “nightclub” room. A good time was had by all and was awarded unusually high marks in a post-event survey.

Photos by Say Yeah and Ed Carlo Garcia

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