Entire Productions in The Spotlight

Event Light Setup

Lights. Camera. Action.

Lights, camera, and action; three words Entire Productions are no stranger to. From the intricately designed lighting and photographer’s flash from our annual marketing events to the “once warehouse, now virtual event broadcast studio stages” of the pandemic, Entire Productions is no stranger to the spotlight. Recently, we had the opportunity to share our story in a much bigger way. 


In late July, the CEO of Entire Productions, Natasha Miller was approached by a local filmmaker, Nino Fernandez to be the subject of his new short documentary which was entered in an international competition. 

“Sponsored by Pollinate and Mastercard Ingenious — an international competition for creative filmmakers from different communities, creating inspiring short films about local businesses, and how they have responded to the challenges of the last 18 months. We are inviting filmmakers from 31 countries to bring to life these stories, and how ingenuity and technology can transform lives and communities.”


Nino approached Natasha after speaking to his fiance Sonya who knows Natasha because she is the lead singer of The Party Starters - a band Natasha hand-picked and manages for corporate and social events. At first, Nino was reluctant to take on a new project as this conversation happened at Sonya’s hospital bed. On December 10th, 2020 Sonya had a TP-AIT at UCSF.  This is the latest of many health challenges she has battled over the years and was the biggest yet. She is currently still in and out of the hospital battling infections with Nino by her side. Regardless, she urged Nino to do the documentary and enter the competition because she had the perfect person in mind. 



“The Pollinate | Mastercard competition was a month and a half underway when I learned about it. As my partner was trying to convince me that I could put it all together in 3 weeks, we both knew that it had to be an inspiring and ongoing story that hits all the stops of a small business’ journey throughout the tumultuous 2020. We knew of one company that wasn’t waiting for things to get back to normal but instead, safely and responsibly creating their new version of it. We had to tell Entire’s story with the same fascination everybody had for Santa’s sleigh. What made it fly? -Nino Fernandez


As shown in the documentary, and highlighted in Inc. & Fast Company, Entire Productions, like many small businesses had a turbulent 18 months since the pandemic. The once-profitable multi-million dollar event and entertainment production company came crashing to zero within a day. In fact, as of March 2020, 90% of event professionals saw some or most of their business gone. Luckily, with the help of all of you, Entire Productions was able to successfully pivot to virtual events and completed over 200 in 2020. 


This documentary comes at the perfect time as Natasha now considers this the highlight of her professional career and will be publishing her first memoir in Spring 2022. 



Can't Get Enough of Natasha & Entire Productions?

Neither can we! Natasha recently had the honor of singing the Star-Spangled Banner for 30,000 fans at Oracle Park before a Saturday night Giants game. Watch the video here. 


“I take this very seriously. It's also not something that a lot of people can do nor get asked to do. I know that it means a lot for so many people and I want to honor those who have fought for and who protect our country and their family and friends...Performing for the San Francisco Giants is a big deal and a feather in my cap of high-ranking professional sporting events. It's not easy to get a booking at this organization and I couldn't let it pass me by...I also knew that it might be one of the last opportunities I'd get to perform here. I have put my performing career aside while I run my core business, Entire Productions, and am also starting up a new business...Our clients are companies such as Salesforce, Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. The idea that the founder of the company they rely on to produce the entertainment for their events is asked to sing the anthem at such a high-profile event is meaningful. I hope they see that not only do we know what we're doing, but we’re also actually on occasion doing it ourselves at a high level.”


Don’t just FOMO over our amazing events, you deserve to celebrate too! We can help you do it so that you can truly enjoy yourself and do what matters most - connecting with your people. 

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