Entire Production’s Core Values and Why They Matter

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Entire Productions Core Values

Why having a set of core values will help scale and grow your company so you can live an even fuller life, contribute to the economy, create jobs, and pay it forward.

Why should your business have core values?

They define your culture. Core values will set the tone of your organization. They will be the underlying foundation and character of the business and the people in it.

They inform the way you do business. When you have a solid foundation, everything else falls into place. It gives your team a standard to hold to and helps you operate more efficiently.

They attract like-minded people to your organization. When you have a clear set of values, potential employees and customers who have the same values will recognize them and seek you out.

They weed out employees who are not a good fit. Adhering to your core values will quickly identify who in your organization is not on board. Whether they leave on their own or are helped out the door, you will have an opportunity to fill the position with someone who shares in and believes in your values.

They dictate how you review, reward, and recognize employees. Everyone will know what is required and have a clearer understanding of the company’s expectations. Core values give you a measurable standard and make it easier to show appreciation and recognize your team.

Entire Production’s Core Values


Values Team oriented, communicative, synergistic, open-minded, supportive, patient, humble, kind, considerate, High EQ, egoless, thoughtful, empathetic, genuine, trustworthy, honest, direct.

We’re stronger together and although we have our individual strengths, we jump in and help each other out. 

Anti-Values Individualistic, selfish, uncommunicative, close-minded, unsupportive, unreliable, impatient, put self before the team, egotistical, mean-spirited, inconsiderate, lacking empathy, disrespectful, fake, untrustworthy, deceitful, politically motivated, passive-aggressive.


Values Detail-oriented, best intentions, dot’s the i’s/crosses the t’s, client happiness, successful, communicative, a follower of systems/processes.

We strive for the most excellent outcome knowing that perfection is nearly impossible to obtain. It is what we do day to day in our work excellent communication with each other, with our clients, and vendors. 

Anti-Values Sloppy, messy, don’t-care attitude, minimal effort.

Growth Minded

Values Hustles, motivated, prideful, aspirational, goal & solution-oriented, can-do attitude, self-starter, above-and-beyond mentality, growth mindset, thirst for learning, compassionate, selfless, respectful, altruistic

We're life-long learners with a thirst for education- we never stop pursuing knowledge and growth, both personally and professionally. 

Anti-Values Lazy, unmotivated, non-goal oriented, pessimistic, dependent on others, need to be micromanaged, just enough is enough mentality, does not “sharpen the saw”, greedy, not compassionate, selfish, mean spirited, disrespectful, manipulative.

Own It

Values Responsible, leader, see-it-through, committed, no excuses.

There's nothing any of us won't do- if it needs to be done we tackle it with an abundance of energy knowing that we make the difference between a happy transaction where clients and vendors want to work with us and those who will pass us up when the opportunity arises. We take our responsibility seriously and have pride in our work ethic and excellent outcomes. 

Anti-Values Finger-pointer, griper, passive/aggressive, “that’s now my job” mentality, complainer, talks behind back, stirs up trouble.


Values Clever, creative, cost-sensitive, bootstrap mentality, humble, committed, has grit, entrepreneurial, dig-in and make it happen mindset, thrifty, inventive, ambitious, hungry, enthusiastic, competitive.

We're always looking for the smartest and most efficient means to solve challenges and delight our clients. That doesn’t mean the most expensive or the easiest, but the most agile, direct, smart way that is cost-effective and points to a bigger margin. 

Anti-Values Fiscally irresponsible, cookie-cutter, “someone else will do it” mentality, low-energy, “that’s someone else’s job”.


Entire Productions, a full-service event production company in San Francisco, is a scrappy bunch of growth-minded individuals who truly own it and collaborate to produce excellent events. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Thanks, we think so too. Having core values keeps us all on the same page even when we’re doing a million different things. Even having just a few or one will center your focus and influence how your company provides value.

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