Relentless Book Launch Summit

A Virtual Book Launch Celebration in The Metaverse

On March 22, 2022, Entire Productions hosted Natasha Miller's Relentless book launch event inside AllSeated’s virtual event platform, exVo, to celebrate the launch and best-selling status.

Because we live outside the box and are constantly looking to innovate and break the mold, we knew we had to create the future of book launch events. Nothing stuffy or boring, and certainly no one talking to a screen for 45 minutes. Instead, we programmed an hour of fast-paced and inspiring talks from entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and athletes, including engaging entertainment such as fashion sketch artists, astrology, magic, and on-demand poetry. The best part was that it all took place in AllSeated’s metaverse platform, ExVo. Attendees from all over the world were invited to attend, participate, and even win prizes.