Best of Entire Productions 2021

A Virtual 20th Anniversary Celebration

On May 11, 2021, Entire Productions hosted our 10th annual event inside AllSeated’s virtual event platform, exVo, to highlight our best talent and event design, planning, and production prowess.

Typically, this in-person event is hosted at one of San Francisco’s premier venues with an overflow of talent, design, and the industry’s best and brightest in attendance. Due to COVID restrictions, the risk factor was far too great to be hosted in person this year, so the obvious choice was to convert our immersive experience into a hybrid one hosted by AllSeated’s new virtual platform, exVo.

Our annual events typically attract 800+ attendees each year. With over-the-top entertainment, thoughtful giveaways, and prime networking opportunities, it’s easy to imagine how we filled the intricately decorated venues year after year. It’s no secret that attracting virtual attendees is more difficult than in-person events; with an influx of options, it’s sometimes difficult to cut through the noise.

Our founder, Natasha, knew the first step was the incentive. We had a goal to give away 10 “golden ticket” mailers worth $500 each, and boy, did we overshoot that. Thanks to our incredible friends in the business and our ability to curate exceptional gifts, we managed to put together 10 “golden tickets” for early registrants valued at over $2K EACH.

photo taken with Focos

In addition to the 10 Golden Ticket baskets, AllSeated partnered with us to give away one Oculus headset and one iPad to attendees who posted the most on social media using the hashtag #bestofentire and tagging both us and AllSeated. I don’t know if you’ve been counting but that’s well over $20K in giveaways! A number no one saw coming- we’re so grateful for it- and it’s a true testament to our vibrant partnerships throughout the years.

virtual Expo screenshot

“The future is here! Still miss the yearly in-person party though! Thank you @entireproductions and @allseated always for giving party planners something to look forward to year after year! Can’t wait for the next one.”


Next was talent. If you are familiar with Entire Productions, you know entertainment programming is at the core of what we do here.

Getting our artists involved was easy because they always look forward to the experience of working with us. The real challenge was figuring out how to showcase each one of our 20+ vendors and sponsors! Anneliese, our resident event producer, worked closely with the AllSeated team and our head of communications, Madeline, to expertly program entertainment throughout the three virtual venues.

To be quite frank, with over 5 screens in each of the 3 venues, in true Entire Productions form, we might have gone a tad overboard...In addition to musical performances by The 415s, Dirty Cello, Chris Clouse, Shaina E, Denon & Doyle dueling DJs, Sam Johnson, Razzvio, DJ Celeste, DJ Busy Bee & Kippy Marks; we also showcased a virtual photo booth by Giggle & Riot, crepe spinning demos by Anja Lee, mixology by Lindsay Kinder, caricature artists, astrology and tarot reading, dance breaks, aerialists, studio sessions from JL Imagination, and magic by Robert Strong and Calvin Ku! If you missed any second of the entertainment then head to our social media to watch it all on your own time.

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“I’ve been working with Entire Productions for years and I find it to be a pure joy. They lean into all the newest technologies so that their events are always modern and fresh. They are consummate professionals who pay attention to the finest details. They are super responsive so that loose ends are always tied into a neat bow. They have the best attitude and always bring positivity to all the planning meetings and especially the events themselves. They are creative and are always thinking about how their events will be new and unique for the attendees. And, they treat their vendors as partners and listen and integrate our ideas that we bring from our experiences so that the events are optimized for success before the attendees step foot into the venues”


While we typically partner with some of The Bay’s best decor companies, this design was fully virtual and truly a team effort. Our event production team consisting of Kate, Megan, and Anneliese went to town with the AllSeated crew to develop the venues and expertly design three unique virtual experiences. The main ballroom was in the glamorous Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The next level was a built-to-scale replica of an undisclosed location warehouse venue in Germany. The top floor was a rooftop at El Dorado in Riviera Maya Mexico, complete with hammocks, cornhole, and an Entire Productions blimp.

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virtual Expo screenshot
virtual Expo screenshot
virtual Expo screenshot
virtual Expo screenshot
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Not many people can say they made it through 2020 to celebrate their 20th year in business.

After a tumultuous year of watching our multi-million dollar event production company come crashing to zero, then quickly rebuilding ourselves as the leaders in virtual event and entertainment production, it was only fitting that we blew all of our expectations out of the water for what is possible for virtual and hybrid events.

We are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as vaccinations become widespread and restrictions ease up; and because we can’t wait to see your smiling faces in person again, we are thrilled to announce that we have confirmed Into The Wild- Entire Productions annual experience 2022 at The California Academy of Sciences!

We know that’s a while away, so if you’re craving an Entire Productions party now, our small but scrappy team is waiting patiently to curate your unique experience. Get in touch with us today, the requests are rolling in!

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