Natasha Miller

President & Chief Experience Designer

(415) 291-9191 Ext. 701

Carina Hessmer

Director of Experience Design

(415) 291-9191 Ext. 705

Tesha Laurente

Account Executive- Experience Design

(415) 291-9191 Ext. 704

Kate Swee

Account Executive- Experience Design

(415) 291-9191 Ext. 706

Sarah Bagaman

Sales Manager- Experience Design

Rachel Quinlan

Account Executive- Experience Design

Claire O'Neill

Production Services Manager

(415) 291-9191 Ext. 700

Karen Waldmann

Production Services Coordinator

Bennett Smith

Sales and Production Assistant

(415) 291-9191 Ext. 707

Eileen Tomei


(415) 291-9191 Ext. 703

Artist Submissions

It is our policy not to accept 'hard-copy' press kits, CDs or other promotional materials from artists. Instead we request all information be submitted to us digitally. If for some reason you do not have your material on a web site, please contact us before sending us your package. Thank you.